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Boarding Kennel Facilities & Prices


Tutehill Boarding Kennels & Cattery are able to offer their dog kennel services across Cumbria, including towns such as:

Workington Dog Kennels | Whitehaven Dog Kennels | Cockermouth Dog Kennels | Maryport Dog Kennels | Egremont Dog Kennels | Cumbria Dog Kennels

kennels bedThe Kennels are set in 20 acres of beautiful Cumbrian Countryside with excellent grounds, where your pets are walked a minimum of 3-5 times per day whilst on holiday with us.
We walk all of the dogs individually accross 6-7 acres of lush green land.
We have different sections available, all secure and gated so the dogs feel safe and enjoy their walks on a one to one with a member of staff.
This is brilliant for any dogs who may be timed, or wary of other dogs. We usually walk all the dogs on the lead , or extending leads, but we do however have facilities to let dogs off the lead once they get to know us. This is really good for lively dogs and young puppies so they can have a good run round and burn off some energy.

Our kennels are second to none, all the kennels are heated with infrared heat lamps or central heating and when it gets warm we use fans to keep the dogs cool.
We also have background music on during the day and treats at bedtime.
We are currently trying out "through a Dog's Ear" Music in some of our kennel buildings.
This is music to calm your canine compainon.

We offer large capacity kennels to suit all sizes of dogs, with outside runs, which are covered or quiet kennels with outside runs for young, old, nervous or quiet dogs.

We have Deluxe rooms and Super deluxe Rooms.

We offer a fantastic place called "The Little Rascals" for all of the puppies that come to stay and now have a New Junior suite that can be used for the bigger puppies.

We have "The Dinkies" for all the tiny Dogs too.

We have secure enclosures, Play Parks, where your dog can be individually let off the lead for a good run or to play with a ball each day too.

This is an excellent facility, especially for any younger dogs that come to stay with us who enables them to let off steam and build up their confidence and bond with the staff.
We take the Dogs for  walks accross all of our fields and have an enclosed are which may be suitable for some dogs to be let off the lead and have a fantastic run about.

We have hand sanitising machines on the entrances to the Reception and all our kennel blocks and feed room. We also use Disinfectant mats so as to stop any cross contamination. All customers entering our kennels are asked to use them both on arriving and departing.


Each individual room has its very own front door which lets you into living room style accommodation. Each room has a window with blinds. We have beautiful murals on the walls. All of our rooms are heated. We have provided your dog with a cozy comfort of a three seater leather sofa to use by day and by night we open it up into a double sofa bed. We will provide your pet with a duvet and pillow for them to settle down with. Home from home comforts.

The floors are all tiled, which are very easy to clean, just incase of any little accidents. Each room has a cd player and if you like you can even provide your own CD's for us to play throughout your pets stay.

Each room has been fitted with a dimmer switch so if your dog doesn't like being left in the dark we can keep it set at a dimmer glow. We do provide a normal dog bed with blankets and also towels in case we need to dry them off in wet weather.We will also provide feed and water bowls. We have hooks to hang your dogs leads and coats on. We will start the day from Early am until late and your dog will receive 5 individual walks throughout the day in one of our lush fields away from the other dogs.

Playtime is also included and extendable leads can be used. The rooms are situated near the house so fairly easy for us to keep a close eye on them. we have tried to create a warm homely environment so the dogs will be stress free. Our rooms are big enough to accommodate individual dogs or up to 4 dogs from the same family.

Please note; If you book a Deluxe Room you must provide your Dog's own food for the duration of its stay.

Deluxe Rooms are only offered to Dogs over 2 years old who are fully house trained and passed the chewing stage.



We now have Super Deluxe rooms available. They are the same set up as our Deluxe Rooms however they have safety flooring instead of tiled floors.
We can also provide an electric blanket for your dog in the Super Deluxe during the coldest months.
These cost slightly more than our Deluxe Rooms.

The building houses 3 individual rooms with access to a very large individual run for each room. ( the biggest runs we have ever made).

The beauty of these rooms and what makes them extra special is that they are situated in one of our private fields completely away from all the rest of our kennel buildings.

They are as good as all of our individual Deluxe rooms but they are set in a beautiful, more peaceful setting.

They are ideal for the Customer who wants that little bit more comfort and tranquility for their Pet.

They are brilliant for nervous Pets too.

They are suitable for all types of dogs. Obviously they cost a bit extra, however I am sure your Pet would agree they are worth every penny.


Dinky Dog Suite

We are now offering individual mini rooms for all tiny breeds of dogs.

Due to the fact that the walls are only 3 foot high in the Dinky Suite we usually only use it for dogs that are small breeds. These can be used for one dog or groups of 2 from the same family.

This is a cozy, comfortable, safe environment which is also heated. We have lino on the floors in case of any little accidents. we provide dog beds with lots of blankets for your pets to snuggle in under their infrared heat lamps.

We have soothing background music from our CD player. Each of our mini rooms have individual heat lamps above their beds which is not only warm but also acts as a night light. There is no kenneling in here, just mini walls with safety gates.  We even have hooks to hang up their leads and coats.

We provide our own towels and food and water bowls.
The morning starts from very early am until bedtime where they can have 3-5 walks throughout the day in one of our lovely lush fields away from the other dogs.



Tutehill Boarding Kennels & Cattery are able to offer their cattery services across Cumbria, including towns such as:

Workington Cattery | Whitehaven Cattery | Cockermouth Cattery | Maryport Cattery | Egremont Cattery

catteryFor our Feline friends we offer a very large, warm secure environment with infrared heat lamps and heat pads.

We have sneeze barriers in all of our cat pens as well as scratching branches and posts.

We try to make your cats stay as comfortable and homelike as possible and have an enjoyable relaxing holiday in a peaceful environment with one to one care from our staff.

Our aim is to make your pets stay a Happy Holiday and our professional, loyal caring team are on hand to answer any questions, as we know how important your pet’s welfare is when it comes to being apart from each other.

We also have access to a vet 24 hours per day and would not hesitate to seek medical advice if we think it’s necessary. Your pet’s welfare is of the utmost importance to us.



Vaccination for your Pet are extremely important and protect them from many serious and deadly diseases. All Dogs and Cats must be fully vaccinated and all dogs must have had the kennel cough vaccination to stay in our kennels.

We are extremely strict with our vaccination requirements as they are not only there to protect your pet but also to protect all the dogs/cats that are already in our care.

Your Pet requires a booster injection every year of its life. We also require the KENNEL COUGH vaccination for Dogs. This vaccine is by Intervet and called NOBIVAC KC or BRONCHI-SHIELD. It is a intranasal spray, which gives protection for a year and is fully effective 72 hours after and is not in with the annual booster. If your Dog has not had the kennel cough vaccine before it must be done a minimum of 7-10 Days prior to arrival into the kennels, however if done annually the minimum time period does not apply. Vaccinations are a very important part of your dogs health care and give extremely good protection against lots of diseases, some deadly. Your vet will be able to advise you on these vaccinations.

All Vaccination cards must be shown on arrival failure to do so will result in us turning your animal away.


We do accept dog's/cat's into our kennels who may have a medical condition.
Sharon and her Team are more than happy to administer medication.
This has to be done during our working hours and we do charge for this.
We don NOT however accept dogs on injections or Chemo Therapy medication.

ALL Customers must notify Sharon in advance of your Pet's stay if they have an underlying medical condition.

This is so Sharon can make a decision on whether the kennel environment is suitable to suit the needs of your pet whilst you are away.
This also gives us an oppertunity to make sure the correct type of accommodation is booked too

Animals with Serious Medical conditions above and beyond the Duty of a Boarding Kennels will be refused.  This is at Sharon's discretion.


We do take in dogs with behavioural problems and issues, however, Sharon would prefer to speak to the Owners in person and Meet the Dog/dogs PRIOR to taking any bookings.
It will be solely Sharon's decision whether we will accept the dog or not and each case will be assesed on its individual merits. 
Please understand that although Sharon has over 24 years experience in looking after dogs if however she cannot handle a certain Dog then we have no choice but to Refuse it . 
Please note; If your dog is accepted future bookings will only be taken after speaking to Sharon and only if she is Actually going to be here at the time of the dates you are looking to book.
Sorry if this offends anyone but we regard Health and Safety of Sharon and her team with the utmost of Importance.



We are able to offer many different types of dog/cat food, which keeps most of the dogs and cats happy.

However we cannot stock all the vast range but we can feed personal diets if the food is supplied.
Also timing and number of feeds often varies so if you can let us know on arrival we can carry out your requests.

Raw Diets; If your dog is on a raw diet we are happy to feed this to them. We ask that you provide the food and confirm that we do have freezer space to accommodate their feeds.



Rice Krispies

Corn Flakes

Toast and Butter

Goat's Milk or Cow's milk is available.



Treat your pet to an occasional home cooked meal during their stay!

We have a selection of meals available to purchase from plain pasta to mashed potatoes with mince and gravy. We offer oily fish, Tuna, vegetable pots,scrambled eggs or  Carrot sticks.

You can purchase one or two meals to give as an extra treat during your pets stay or for a Birthday treat or every day to be included with your pets normal T time meal.  Its up to you......


Prices are reasonable and all food is homecooked by Sharon herself for your beloved pet to enjoy a taste of homecooking whilst staying with us.

For Further details and prices please do not hesitate to contact us or ask on arrival.

We have a very strict hygiene policy in our feed room.
All our feeds are stored away at all time in appropriate containers or in the fridge.
We have fridge and freezer facilities to accommodate those dogs on special or raw diets.



We offer doggie Day care from 8.00 am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday each week.

Our charges are from £12.00 per dog depending upon type of accommodation booked.
We offer a range of activities in our play parks through out the day as well as 2-3 walks each day accross our lush fields.

We provide your dog with a suitable kennel and make sure they have an action packed, full filled day with one to one with one of our dedicated team of staff. You will have the satisfaction that your dog not only has company throughout the day that they are having fun and walks keeping them happy.
If your dog would require a feed we would ask that you provide it and let us know what time you would like them fed.
We provide fresh spring water for your dog to drink at all times.

For more than one dog we can offer discounted rates. Speak to Sharon


We do provide all the Pets in our care with bedding, however you are welcome to bring your own bring anything too good and do not wash it before you come so it still has your scent from home on it.
This just helps them settle quicker.


We do not accept Bean Bags or Duvets/Quilts bigger than SINGLE size.

We will do our best to try and wash all dogs/cats "Own Bedding" before they go home.

We do this out of courtesy.

During our bussiest months this may not always be possible. We will let you know when you collect your pets if your bedding still needs washed.

Toys and treats for your Pet can be brought in too, we will label the treats and make sure they are given to your get regularly, we do have lots of treats and dentastix available should you not wish to bring your own. We do not charge for these.

Please  note we DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY  for any loss of toys or bedding or any damage to toys and bedding by your own Pet.



Visitors are welcome to look round our kennels from 10 AM- 2 PM daily, 7 days per week.
We have an open house policy during these hours.
Sharon and Joe & Patrick and the team will be on hand to show you round and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
If you would like to be meet Sharon & Joe in person then please call us to arrange a convenient time that's suits all.


Price List

All charges are from Opening time on Arrival day right through to Closing time on the Departure day.

  • Standard Kennel - £13.00 per dog per day ( 2 dogs sharing £23.00 per day)
  • kennel with an Outside Run - £14.00 per dog per day ( 2 dogs sharing £25.00 per day)
  • Extra Quiet Kennels - £13.00 per dog per day (limited places)
  • Discount is automatically given for 3 or more dogs sharing the same kennel.
  • Extra Large Dogs - £15.00 per dog per day
  • PUPPIES FROM 12 weeks old - 18 MONTHS OLD;
  • Ring for pricing as this depends upon the type of accommodation you choose to book.
  • £13.00 per day 1 dog
  • DELUXE ROOMS; with Outside Run £22.00 PER DAY FOR 1 DOG. 
  •  Dogs in Deluxe/Super Deluxe rooms and Extra Large Dogs are asked to provide all their own food for the duration of their stay however FREE Breakfast Menu is available to all the dogs in our care.
  • DOGGIE DAY CARE; From 12.00 PER DAY FROM 8.00AM- 5.30 PM  Discount is given for more than 1 dog sharing.
  • Cats (1 pen) - £8.00 per cat per day
  • 2 cats (sharing) - £14.00 per day
  • 3 cats (sharing) - £18.00 per day

Terms & Conditions

    • All our charges are calculated by the day and include Arrival and Departure days.
    • All bookings under £100 require a minimum deposit of £40.00 made at the time of booking.
    • All bookings over £100 require a 40% deposit of the Total Amount.
    • Deposit payments can be taken over the phone by Debit or Credit Card.
    • All bookings are non-refundable; in the event of any cancellation your deposit will be used as a Cancellation fee.
    • We do not issue credit notes or bank credit  in the event of any cancellation or early collection.
    • All outstanding balances must be paid on Arrival without exception.
    • All DOGS must be fully vaccinated including the Kennel Cough Vaccine (minimum incubation period applies 7 days prior to arrival).
    • All CATS must be fully vaccinated.
    • All CATS over 6 months old must be neutered.
    • All Vaccination Cards must be shown on arrival, failure to do so could result in us turning your Pet away.
    • For bookings in the Deluxe, Super Deluxe Rooms, Little Rascals and/or Juniors, you must provide sufficient food for the full duration of your pets stay.
    • There is no reduction in charges should you provide your own pet food for the duration of your pet(s) stay with us.
    • Weekend booking charge is a minimum 3 day stay.
    • One Night bookings will only be taken over Mondays to Thursdays during All School holiday periods. This is subject to  a minimum 2 day charge.
    • Special Care charges will apply should you require medicines to be administered whilst your pet is boarding with us.
    • Management reserves the right to refuse to accept any dog or cat who is seriously ill or who needs constant medical care due to illness.
    • If your dog has any behavioural issuse we would be happy to discuss their needs at the time of booking.
    • Booking's For *Sharon Only Dogs* will only be accepted after the dates have been confirmed with Sharon.
    • Management do not take any responsibility for damage to bedding, toys, leads, harnesses or pet coats.
    • All our Promotions and Special Offers have their own separate additional terms and conditions which run alongside the Operational Terms and Conditions.   
    • Viewing of the Boarding Kennels and Cattery are offered on a daily basis between the hours of 10am – 2pm.
    •  Familiarisation Sessions are  available from 9.30am – 11.30am Tuesday – Thursday for any New Dogs. This will be in accommodation that is available at the time and is free of charge.
    • We are CLOSED all Bank Holiday Monday's for collection and drop off's for all Pets.
    • Christmas Holiday and Easter Holiday Opening Hours Vary so please ask.
              Day Boarding is available on selected days and Times. Prices are from £12.00 per dog per day.
  •            All Prices include VAT.

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