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Deluxe Rooms & Dinky Dog Suite

Deluxe Rooms

We now have 4 Deluxe rooms with outside runs available for your pet to stay in with us.

Each individual room has its very own front door which lets you into living room style accommodation.

Each room has a window with blinds.

We have beautiful murals and pictures on the walls.

All of our rooms are heated. We have dog beds and blankets in each room.

We have also provided your pet with a cozy comfort of a three seater leather sofa to use by day and by night we open it up into a double sofa bed.

We will provide your pet with a duvet and pillow for them to settle down with.

Home from home comforts.

The floors are all tiled,or have safety flooring which is very easy to clean, just incase of any little accidents. Each room has a cd player and if you like you can even provide your own CD's for us to play throughout your pets stay.

Each room has been fitted with a dimmer switch so if your dog doesn't like being leftin the dark we can keep it set at a dimmer glow. We do provide all pet's with towels in case we need to dry them off in wet weather.

We will also provide feed and water bowls.

We have hooks to hang your dogs leads and coats on.

We will start the day from very early am until late and your dog will receive 20 minute walks and or 20 minutes time in an Exercise area at least twice per day, more if possible with a member of Staff on a one to one basis. We exercise in line with new Government legislation.

Playtime is also included and extendable leads can be used.

The rooms are situated near the house so fairly easy for us to keep a close eye on them. We have tried to create a warm homely environment so the dogs will be stress free.

Our rooms are big enough to accommodate individual dogs or up to 4 dogs from the same family, depending upon breeds.

All that we ask is that your dog is fully vaccinated including the kennel cough vaccine prior to arrival.

That your dog is older than 18 months to 2 years old and is fully house trained and has past the "chewing stage".

(We would not recommend the Deluxe rooms for dogs under 18 months  old as we feel that the quieter kennels with outside runs suit the younger dogs more. We find they enjoy their stay much better being in the busier side of the kennels as there are much more activities for them to do as well as sun bathing in their outside runs. The Deluxe rooms are in a much quieter setting more suitable for medium aged or older dogs.)

We ask that you provide all your dogs own food for the duration of their stay.

Viewing can be arranged during our opening hours, contact Sharon To arrange a day and time for you - 01946 833502

Book early to avoid dissapointment, places are limited.
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Dinky Dog Suite

We are now offering individual mini rooms for all tiny breeds of dogs. These can be used for one dog or groups of 2 or 3 from the same family. This is a cozy, comfortable, safe environment which is also heated.

We have lino on the floors in case of any little accidents. We have beds with comfy blankets.  We have soothing background music from our CD player and each of our mini rooms have individual heat lamps too. There is no kenneling in here, just mini walls with safety gates. We have hooks to hang up their leads and coats. We provide our own towels and food and water bowls. The morning starts from 5 am until bedtime where they can have lots of walks or time in an exercies area with a member of Staff throughout the day. We exercise on line with new Government Legislation.

All we ask is that your dog is a tiny breed. That you provide all your own food for the duration of their stay. 

Places are limited so please book early to avoid dissapointment. Contact us on 01946 833502.

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