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Dog Breeding


Myself and my Husband Joe have owned German Shepherds for the last 26 years. Our very first German Shepherd was called Regan, Grinsdales Crusader at Moorsvale. He was a Pedigree Dog looking for a new Forever Home. He came to us purely by accident and stayed with us until he died in 2001. We contacted his original owner and arranged to use him for a mating 2 years after we got him at the age of 5 years old. We didn’t take a puppy from the mating; we asked to have his Kennel Club Registration papers instead.

He was the one who stole my heart and from that day on, German Shepherd’s became my passion. German Shepherd's are one of the most faithful and loyal breed of dogs. They love you unconditionally and would give their life for you.

We then got in touch with the original breeder and informed her that we had Regan.

She just happened to have a litter of pups at the time so we went through to meet her and see the puppies. We came home with the most beautiful Sable bitch, Elsa Grinsdales Maggie May. That was it from there on our life of German Shepherds began.

We went to a dog show and were introduced to Fred Conway another very reputable Breeder and went to see a litter he had. We ended up coming home with the most beautiful pup number two, that was Raven, Conson’s Invincible Prince.

And so the fun began. Our days were filled with mischievous puppy antics from two tiny pups that grew full size by 6 months old. The three of them had so much fun, but Regan was always top dog and looked the other way when they sometimes where up to no good.

When Elsa had turned 2 years old, and all the health tests were done we decided to mate her with Regan. After the Mating, Regan became ill and we had to take him to the vets. He was diagnosed with twisted gut, which left untreated can kill. Luckily he was fine and after a few days at the vets he came home. Elsa was taken for a scan at 5 weeks but sadly was not in pup.

The next time she came into season we had her and Regan checked out with our Vet, Ian Hunter, but sadly his sperm had dried up, so we never got a puppy off Regan. We did go on to use Raven with Elsa and our first litter was eventually born, 13 she had, what an amazing experience. By 6 days old all the puppies were sold. We let them go after 8 weeks.

This was the start of our lines Sharejo German Shepherds.

The next chapter of our life included two girls which we bred ourselves. Kia and Gabbi.

We bought a new stud dog at 8 weeks old and called him Maddox, semi longhaired but beautiful. This was Kia and Gabbi’s mate.

From these two we have Koda and Lola; sadly we lost Lilly, Lola’s litter sister earlier this year.

We also have Sacha who is bred from my lines but not bred by me. Her owner couldn't look after her anymore so we took her in.

We also have Maverick who we bought in from Leicester over a year ago; he is stunning and a proper baby. Our newest addition is Ivy; she is actually from German lines as the English lines are now dying out so we have to start building up for the future.

We have a total of 7 German Shepherds ageing from 10 weeks to 9 years old at present.

We also have 3 Border Terriers, Jack Nell and Coco. Jack was bought in from a Reputable Breeder just past Carlisle in 2009 and Nell and Coco are litter sisters bought in from another very good breeder in our area, also in 2009.

We had our first litter of Border Terriers at the end of 2011, 3 dog pups. One is with a lovely Family and is local, one went to a family with a Hotel in Ambleside and the other went to a lovely family in Scotland.

We also gave a home to Bramble, a Lab cross who was a Rescue dog from Solway Dog Rescue, owned by June Lambie,  a very long time ago. Sadly Bramble died on the 28th of September this year. He was 17 and a half years old and had been with us since he was 3 years old. He originally lived with Lucy, a German Shepherd, chocolate lab cross and they were eventually the best of mates. Unfortunately Lucy died quite a few years ago due to a Tumour on her brain. As an old man Bramble still liked to go for his walks, he was deaf and sometimes when we were out we had to run after him to put his lead on to turn him round to come home. To one family he was unwanted, but to us he has as been a pleasure to have in our lives and we all miss him greatly.


We have 2 new German Shepherd girl puppies, Evie and Ava from Lola and Maverick. They are beautiful girls and full of fun. They are complete opposites in colour. Ava is dark sable like Mum and Evie is Black and Tan the same as Dad. They have brought us much love to our family.  Sadly we lost Sacha not too long after. A beautiful girl who will be sadly missed. In 2013 we had more sadness, we lost Gabbi our old girl. She had an amazing Life with our Family and gave us our beautiful girl Lola. We also lost Koda and Maddox too in completely seperate situations. My boys will be a massive loss and they will all be missed every day.

We do however have a new addition, a German Shepherd called Murphy. He is a beautiful handsome boy who has given me lots of love already. He is a big part of my life and lives with us at home with Bonnie our rescue Labrador. We rescued Bonnie in July of 2013, she had been tied to a lamp post and left on the Distington By pass. I am delighted to say she has fit in well with our Family and is recovering from just being spade. Her and Murphy are pretty good friends, a friendship which I know will become a bond for life.

Although 2013 was a pretty sad year for us we have been blessed with some beautiful puppies. Four have already got new Owners and we have our fingers crossed that the last girl will be taken soon. We do have a litter from Lola that is due to leave us for their new homes mid march, which we still have a few available for sale.

We pride ourselves in producing, quality, healthy, happy pups. We are here for a life time of support for both puppies and new Families.  We spend a lot of time, effort and money on our puppies. We make sure they have been weaned from Mum correctly and over time. We feed them a very good diet, 4 feeds per day from 7am until 10pm each day. We get them vet checked, wormed reguraly, first vaccination. We micro chip them as they leave and most of all we care very much about our puppies and where they go. I need to make sure that anyone who comes to buy one of my puppies understands the care, attention and the commitment that they need after all A DOG IS FOR LIFE.

Our Dogs are our life and passion, we treat them with respect and love. They are all individual and are our Family and stay with us for Life.

We currently own 8 German Shepherds, mostly from English Lines. Our Girls are Lola, Ivy, Evie and Ava. Our Boys are Maverick, Murphy, Kobie and Max. Some of our German Shepherds have now been neutered. But we still have Lola, Evie, Ava and Murphy for the future should we decide to have any more litters. Both lola, Evie, Ava and Murphy are all hip-scored.


We have 2 beautiful Girls Islay and Maggie. Islay was one of our hand reared puppies from June 2015. She is a beautiful Dark Sable girl and has the most fantastic temeperment.

Maggie will be 12 months old in August and she is Black and Tan. She is stunning and Show Quality.

These two girls are from Ava and Evie and Murphy is their Dad.

Ava didn't take to motherhood well at all and we ended up hand rearing the whole litter. This was a first for us out of over 20 years experience. We are delighted to say that after all our hard work all of the puppies came on fantastically and are all doing very well.

Ava was spayed when the puppies were 5 weeks old.

Evie I am delighted to say looked after her own litter and Maggie is stunning. I have already been approached by several people and asked if I would consider selling Maggie.

Our pups and dogs come with fantastic temperments and are extremely loyal to the Family and are great with Children.


We are extremely busy these days on the kennels so we don't have as much time as we used to so because of this we have a lot less dogs these days.

We are constantly doing training and I am currently doing 2 Diploma Courses, "on Dogs" of course.

This is for continued knowledge on how dogs behave, and the environment which they live in as well as training.  I can apply this knowledge throught out working with the dogs in the kennels and with my own dogs on a daily basis. I will always strive to do better.

We no longer however, have or breed Border Terriers.

Our Dogs;

We currently Own 5 German Shepherds, 2 Cocker Spaniels and a Cross Breed.

Maverick who is 9 years old and a proper gentleman, but can be funny with Strangers.

Kobie, 6 years old, a real big softy with a very large bark!

Vinny, he is our 2 year old boy. A real big dog but a soft as anything.  

Islay our special hand reared girl, 3 years old who thinks she is human. Very clever and cute.

Miya is our youngest girl, nearly 8 months old. She is long haired. She is bouncy and full of energy. She loves to  give lots of kisses and cuddles. 

We also have Monty, a rescue who came to us in 2015, a cross with a cross. But he is very cute and fluffy and has happily settled in to our Family.

We also have Talli and Rufus.

Talli is a black working cocker spaniel, approx.18 months old and Rufus is a Golden cocker Spaniel, approx.5 months old.

I have done some training with them. They are both doing really well. They are both great off the lead and both come back to the whisle.

They are full of energy and are very happy lively little dogs. They definitely keep me on my toes.

Quite a bit different to a German Shepherd of course!

We haven' had a litter of German Shepherds for a few years now however we never say never............................

We also currently own 7 cats ages ranging from 12 months old to approx. 19/20 years old, all live here with us on site.

Our Dogs

A selection of photos showing our dogs.

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